Disc Golf: A sport to get fit and to meet new clients!

disc golf sport

Yes we know you have probably never heard of this sport or what it is but it is one of the most rising and trending sport in the world. Then why are we here talking about this sport, Technically this is a business blog and there is much more to sales then fitness you will say but here is the thing.

Making sales is just one part of the puzzle and it is also the byproduct of your relationship with the person you are selling to. You might say big deal I can just cold call my clients all day long and will do just fine. And you might, but what if I told you there was a better way to get clients and work your way to them for a bigger sale.

Here comes disc golf, a sport that is the more simpler version and yet quite same of golf. Rules of disc golf are quite similar to actual golf only thing you plays with discs.

Disc Golf: What You Need To Know

The rules are quite simple and similar to actual golf but if you don’t know the rules for both or what you are suppose to do then here it is.

  • Objective is to put your disc in the basket at the end of the track in the least attempts.
  • Discs are PGDA standard and they are not Frisbee.
  • The sport is quite big and gaining popularity on a daily basis.

Other then that all you need are a good set of beginner discs and you are ready to go out to any track and start playing. Disc golf is also extremely cheap compared to regular golf which can become quite expensive as membership, clubs etc can rack the bill in thousands.

It is also a good sport to invite potential clients to come join you and you can even sponsor them as it is not that expensive. This can lead to more sales and more profits for you.


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