Cigar And Businessman, Mixing Meetings With Pleasure.

If you are new in sales you probably won’t know much of what I am talking about but if you have been in this line a long time then you know exactly what I am talking about. Cigars have been the choice of smoke of some pretty big influences for a long time.

Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Morgan freeman to even Obama. They all love there stogie and so when I say that influences in the business world do to you know I am not lying.

This is a quick guide on how you can interact with other businessman over a smoke and how you can not end up making an idiot of yourself.

First of all if you are not sure about how to smoke a cigar then you can read up this complete guide here.

Below I have mentioned everything you need to know about basics of when dealing with such a situation, better to be prepared.

Cigar Smoking And Etiquette

There are a lot of things when it comes to enjoying cigar but somebody who has been enjoying them for a long time probably has a personal taste and it will be viable if you start by suggesting them something they prefer you can jump in and out of meetings so fast your head will spin, In a good way.

To really connect with a cigar smoker you don’t even have to smoke them sometimes but instead you can fake it by discussing best humidor or which is the best cigar lighter according to them. Just knowing is enough to spark up a conversation and what needs to be done. There is not a lot to it.

If you do find yourself in a smoke room there are certain things that you shouldn’t do such as ask to try somebody else’s lit cigar because you want to taste it. A cigar is of a man to enjoy and cannot be shared like that and is considered if asked. So keep that in mind.

Also cigars are not cigarettes and it is a bad idea to compare the two infront of a cigar smoker, nothing pisses them off more then somebody trying to compare there precious stogie with a dirty stinky cigarette.

And Unlike cigarette cigars don’t have to be ashed the same way, if its a quality cigar the ash will stick to it for sometime before dropping off and it is important that you don’t force it off.

A good cigar lounge is a place of class with classy humidors and has to be treated as such which means you can’t show up there in your sneakers or dirty shoes and expect to be taken seriously. Show up with clean shining formal shoes and well tailored clothes and everyone has a reason to take you seriously.

Keep these basic things in mind and you are going to survive well enough till you end up learning more from your cigar smoking peers.

Also if you don’t want to smoke, you can just be good company to them following the rules above and you will be fine.

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