Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Selling!

I hear this all the time, the fear of selling , the fear of cold calling, the fear of just picking up the phone and calling the person. All these fears are justified because thats who we are as humans but what matters is how is it affecting you and your work.

Progress and Fear

entrepreneur_fear_of_failure-resized-600Here is the thing, all businesses run on Sales. No matter what the product everyone is selling and so you have to decide whether it is you want for your business. It is a different thing to want to progress and work for it but if you are not picking up the phone and selling like crazy then you are not progressing.

Talking about the point on businesses above there is a reason why top salesman get a lot of benefits while the bad ones get nothing. You bring in money for the company and they reward and you don’t you are not worth anything. This is why you can also see why so many companies chase after top salesman and you can be that too.

And I know it might feel difficult at times but that is when you really have to shine. You can do that by drinking lots of  gummy bear cocktail, if that helps.

Moving Past The Fear

You have to understand that it is normal and this how the world works. Everybody is aware of that and so when you call nobody is going to yell you at the most they will say they are not interested but out of every 10 calls you will get one yes and you have to convert that yes into a sale.

It might seem tough as hell to get started and to annoy or call strangers but that is what you have to do, so just take a deep breath and dial. After every call you will feel the fear melt away and it will get better and you will get better and soon you will start making sales left right and center.

I hope this helps you in your en devour and make sure to watch the video for more clarifications.

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